New Tracks

I’ve been working hard at recording some new tracks towards a third album – the unmixed versions are on my Indie music page – they’re very much rough and unfinished but I thought you might like to hear them – the finished and polished versions should be released in 2023

Happy Christmas and a great New Year……

Six Tracks In……

After a long gap I’m finally in the process of recording new tracks and have nearly completed six tracks in the lovely studio at St Dunstans House in Bristol. I haven’t got enough tracks for a new album but will release the tracks singly on Bandcamp – hopefully in The New Year….watch this space!

New Band etc!

Now that the lockdown is over here in Bristol I’ve been able to get out and play music again at last. I was invited to join AfroWelsh Connection as their flautist and backing singer which has been really wonderful. We’ve played several sets now at mainly outdoor festival gigs and have been asked to do several more. We will be playing in St Stephens Church in Bristol on December 13th for a lunchtime gig.

I’m also working on a few of my own songs with plans to start recording my third album in November after a long break from recording.

We’ve been able to finally catch up with family and friends around the UK and have had a few trips in the camper van at last and life is feeling a bit more normal.

AfroWelsh Connection at Between The Trees Festival

Things Looking Up in UK

At last things are improving a bit here in UK so I’m hoping very much to get some music projects going and do some recording.

I’m intending to write some new songs, organise a gig and I’m starting to play flute with a new African contact who is a great kora player so watch this space.

I’ve also now got all my published songs on iTunes either as tracks or the whole album on iTunes if you’d like to download them just search for Chandra Moon!

Still Here

Well here we are again in Lockdown in the UK – actually Peter and I never came out of Lockdown – or barely.

I have managed to see my grandchildren a few times from a distance but only very few friends once or twice in the garden since March.

Never mind – we are alive and well and looking forward to hopefully things getting back to some kind of normality in due course.

Hedgehog House and Feeding Station

We’ve kept ourselves busy in the garden with a night camera revealing regular hedgehog visitors so we’ve set up a house and feeding station which in constant night use!

Musically I’m not very inspired so instead of songwriting I’ve been playing a bit of piano. We missed our entire summer tour of drumming but nothing we could do about it.

Anyway, as we go into earlier dark evenings and colder weather I’m going to try and keep going out for daily walks and appreciating nature which has been such a joy this summer.

I hope you and yours keep safe and well during these difficult times.