Today was my usual Wednesday songwriting group which went well. In the morning we go round the group and spend about 5 minutes each talking about our week musically/creatively speaking. You learn a lot sharing and listening to what other people go through in the process of songwriting and producing.

Then you play a song or read lyrics etc once each before lunch and in the afternoon there’s another round of songs. Today there was a puppeteer at the group – we’ve had magicians and dancers, poets and rappers – all sorts. You also get a chance to hear about each other’s gigs and collaborate on each others’ projects. I’ve been invited to play a couple of songs at a gig in Bristol on Sep 21st and I was able to invite people to play at a Bristol street party where I’m playing in October.

I’ve also found someone to help me organise the gig/launch party for my album which is a HUGE relief – it’s just all too much for me to do on my own!

This evening a good girl friend of mine came round and tomorrow I’m off to the studio to finish off Fiery Hoop then only one more track to go before we do the mastering of all 12 tracks. It’s so exciting but scary at the same time. I’ve been working on this pretty much full time since March.

It feels weird blogging here – like I’m not in my proper home but at least a lot of my blog friends seem to be in touch here. Does anyone know how to contact Legs or Rubicon?

Anyway – I’m going to try and get to sleep before 2am tonight – I’m so tired from lack of sleep that my eyes actually feel physically peculiar.

Night folks xx