Well I’ve had a go at setting up a new efx blog at the WordPress thingy and so far I HATE IT!!!! Rant grrrrrr gnash of teeth. I’m sick of starting new blogs and I want my old blog back boo hoo!!!

I think I’ll blog here for now as at least it’s easy to use and stable but if anyone has a blog at the new efx please leave me the address. A few of you have commented over there but I can’t work out how to find you there. I’m not thick – I rather pride myself on my computer knowledge but I’ve really run out of steam.

I want to spend time writing in my blog not starting a new one every damn day or two.

I’ve just got back from a lovely festival in Dorset called The End of The Road and I’ll post some pics later.

I had a hopi ear candle treatment and had an amazing experience I’ll write about soon.

That’s all for now folks – I need to get back in a good mood before I can write everything up properly.