Where to start? I had an amazing experience at the End of The Road Festival that I want to write about – but it’s weird! Maybe you’ll think I’ve gone mad or been on too much whacky backy but anyway………………..

Maybe I’ll start by saying I’ve remixed the new track Fiery Hoop for you to listen to on www.myspace.com/chandramoonsmusic which is a lot better than the first one. It was really hard work in the studio today as the computer kept misbehaving and it all took twice as long as it should but we got there in the end. My producer’s away for a couple of weeks now so I’m having a break from recording and going to focus on playing live as I have a couple of gigs over the next few weeks and I need to practice!

Anyway – back to the weird experience – I think I’ll write this as if it were a journey as that’s what it felt like. I’ll set the scene……. I was at the festival and there was a beautiful healing area in a field within the main site. There were many alternative practitioners doing all kinds of therapies such as Indian Head massage, Reiki, Chakra balancing (? don’t ask me?), deep tissue massage etc etc and including Hopi Ear candles. Because of all the drumming and music I listen to I suffer a bit with tinnitus and I thought the ear candles might help and I’d also been told they’re very relaxing during the treatment. He lay me on my side in the lovely tent which had Indian drapes all round, incense burning etc and placed the first candle in my left ear and lit it………………..

……….peace and quiet, the slight sound of fizzing as the flame flickered, the breeze sighing outside sounding muffled, faint tinkling of piano keys and female voices singing. My eyes are shut and I focus inside on the quiet space in my head………..and suddenly before me I see the profile of a native American Indian with two feathers pointing down at the base of his skull. Very proud he was gazing into the middle distance – a completely benign presence. The image faded and a stag materialised silhouetted against dark branches and foliage. As I watched the stag I realised I could no longer distinguish the Indian from the stag and that they had become one, waves of purple light were pulsing in my head – simply beautiful ……… my awareness came back into the tent as the first candle had burned down. I turned over for the second candle no longer expecting any further visions and at first I was aware again only of the ambient sounds in the distance – laughing voices of people passing by, the sound check on the nearest stage penetrating into my space. Then suddenly I saw the eye of the stag looking at me – and I knew that the Indian was gazing at me directly through the eye of the stag – again waves of purple light and peacefulness until the second candle had burned down………………

Of course, I told the therapist what I had experienced and amazingly it turns out he is a shamanic practitioner and his “guide” is an Indian called Two Feathers who represents the stag!! I couldn’t believe that somehow I had picked up on his energy so powerfully that it had actually manifested as a powerful and bright image!

I really can’t say what I think this was – I don’t know if I actually believe in spirit guides and that that guide somehow was communing with me or whether I psychically picked up on the image channeled through the therapist. I have no idea but it was a completely real and amazing experience which left me feeling elated and full of well-being.

I sense a song coming on from this but I don’t suppose it will make any sense to anyone ……… what do you think? Have you experienced any weird visions like this? I must ask Woman of Feathers.

Anyway – I hope you like the track – bye for now.