I bet you thought I meant Microsoft Windows – no – I mean Zenith f***ing Staybrite Windows.

Last year, I had the windows at my rental property replaced throughout by the above company (who did seem pretty good though EXPENSIVE at the time).

Yesterday, one of my tenants contacted me to say their windows were looking grotty and the bay below going all black and condensation everywhere. OK, no probs thought I, they are fully guaranteed and backed by an insurance policy which (naturally grrrr) I’ve paid for. To cut a long story short, I phoned them today and guess what (the timing of it gnash gnash) the company went into liquidation – yes – you guessed it YESTERDAY!!!!

Aggghhhhh – these windows cost thousands and now it’s in the hands of the administrators. I can’t leave it like it is because it’s in their bedroom so it looks like I may have to fork out for the repairs myself.

Never mind, one way or another it’ll get sorted but I can’t believe the timing of it.

On a much nicer note, I had lunch with my neighbour from where I used to live today, we’ve always kept in touch – and that was very pleasant!

Tonight, we have our first drum lesson of the new term and then I’m going to the open no-mic at The Miners Arms to sing a couple of songs – much more fun than thinking about the damn damp at the flats! Will have to get it sorted though – I’ve organised a builder to meet me there tomorrow.