I thoroughly enjoyed today. It was the first Songwriting Group day of 2008 after a 6 week break due to the guy who runs it having a big gig before Christmas and not being able to run it, then Christmas and New Year and last week he had a cold.

It was a big group today and high energy! Everyone was excited to see each other and hear about each other’s gigs and new ideas etc.

I then had a practice with the people playing at my gigs (it’s a kind of temporary band consisting of a guitarist (my producer), a keyboard player, a couple of backing vocalists and a djembe player). It went pretty well and hopefully will be fine by the 1st – we have two more practices.

Here’s a copy of the new flier for the gig which the person doing the visuals for the gig designed based on my original idea. I’m hopeless at graphics but good at ideas!

After the practice, I came back here with one of the backing vocalists as I’M backing HER in a gig on the 26th playing flute and drums and we had a curry then a run through of her songs. Finished at 10pm!

No rest for the wicked – but a great way to spend a day.