The last couple of evenings I’ve gone out with various pals to a couple of gigs. The first, at the Prom, was a folk rock band whose name escapes me. Last night I had a band practice for MY gig then we went to a punk gig at The Croft.

Very noisy, so I used earplugs, that way you can actually hear the words surprisingly and not end up deaf for two days. The band was called The Disseminators and are very good though not my favourite kind of music. The drummer was very good (and fit ha ha) and the lead guitarist is a friend from songwriting and is extremely good!

The practice went pretty well though it’s hard to imagine what it will feel like on the stage as we’ve never played together before – I think it will be alright – and if it isn’t – well all I can say is I couldn’t have tried harder to get it the best we can.