Don’t be surprised if you don’t see a post here for a few days – things are hotting up this end with final preparations for Friday’s gig plus I’ll have a houseful of people for the weekend and I need to do the usual shopping and cleaning stuff too.

I went to song writing today and it was just what I needed after a particularly ghastly day yesterday as a result of someone I thought was a very good friend dumping on me from a very great height! Luckily, I have wonderful supportive friends and family and I feel better today – though still very rattled as it made me feel quite ill and I don’t need that right now. I wish this person had waited till after Friday to spew vitriol on me.

Anyway, enough of negative stuff; last night, after drumming, I met some friends for someone’s birthday bash and did a couple of songs at Presence, one of my regular open mic spots – I felt like smashing the guitar up but managed to restrain myself ha ha!

So, hopefully people will take lots of pictures on Friday which I’ll post up here and anyone who’d like to buy the album will be able to shortly – I’m just sorting out the Paypal thing. Anyone from the UK can just pm me and send me a cheque the simplest and cheapest!

So……..that’s about it for a few days – none of you will ever realise how much your support has meant to me over the last few months of organising this gargantuam project and I thank you again.