Hello again! This week has been good but I felt very strange. Firstly, after all the frantic preparation and nerve wrackingness of last Friday’s big gig I felt a bit flat. Don’t get me wrong – it went fantastically and I couldn’t be happier as to how it went and it was wonderful to have my closest friends, family, neighbours etc at the gig. It just felt strangely quiet afterwards.

Also, I was still very upset about something a friend had done and I needed to process those feelings. So I did what I usually do when I need to think – jumped into Moon Palace on a whim and went off for a couple of days!

I went to a small campsite near a bird reserve which I love called Slimbridge.

On Monday, I sat and wrote a song about my feelings (I’ve posted the words already in my parallel blog here Song Lyrics – see link on right) and worked out how to play it. I hear the songs in my head first then have to find the notes and chords on the guitar or piano.

On Tuesday, I spent a few hours at the bird sanctuary until the tipping rain forced me to leave!

This was the biggest swan I’ve ever seen – this doesn’t convey it’s size but it seemed nearly as tall as me!

On Wednesday, I went to songwriting group as usual and had a band practice in the evening. It was good to start working on some new tunes. Tonight I have a meeting with a successful Bristol singer and she’s going to give me some much-needed advice about getting tracks played on radio etc.

Amazingly, this week I’ve slept like the dead – this morning I woke 10am – absolutely unheard of for me so I must be much more tired than I realise! Usually I sleep maybe 6 hours if I’m lucky and this week I’ve been sleeping about 8 hours every night – weird!

Anyway – I’ve sold quite a few CDs and it’s exciting sending them out to different destinations round the planet!

If you want a copy just click the Buy Now button on the right.

So – have a happy weekend whatever you’re doing – I’ll be going to some gigs etc as usual and hopefully trying to organise some new smaller gigs to keep the momentum going.

Bye for now xx