Several things have happened recently to make me really think hard about friendship and what it means to me.

Who are my REAL friends, who truly cares about me, who do I truly care about etc etc? What would they do for me and what would I do for them? Where do I draw the line in the sand?

None of these questions have clear or easy answers.

Sometimes, people I don’t really think of as close friends (or hadn’t) suddenly do the most amazing, kind and thoughtful things and you realise they really care about you and are prepared to put themselves out for you in a surprising and unexpected way!

Other times, someone you thought would be there till the end of time, just completely lets you down or worse is cruel and unkind.

Other people that I see in real life really often – like my closest couple of girlfriends who I see virtually every week and couldn’t imagine not being there are my absolute anchors. My close family are sometimes more like friends than family too and I am so lucky where I live to have wonderful neighbours in my street who I know I can call on when I need to and they know they can knock on my door any time.

Others again, I see maybe once or twice a year and yet when we get together it’s as if time stopped and we just pick up where we left off.

My spiritual teacher/guru is like a friend to me too although I only see him at a distance maybe once a year!

Then there are the internet friends and bloggers who have become as much a part of my life, and sometimes an even greater part in that I talk about stuff here that often my real life friends don’t necessarily get to hear, also give me genuine kindness and feedback and encouragement and I try to do the same.

I don’t know where this is going – I’m just rambling on – but as I said – some things have happened to make me really appreciate the nature of friendship recently and also how sometimes people can just turn from being your friend to being something else or from not being a friend to suddenly supporting you at an unexpected moment.

One thing which I know is probably not a good idea is to rely on just one person to be your only friend and that can happen very easily when you’re in a relationship with someone – I know people who when they are in a relationship they forget their other friends until something goes wrong then suddenly they’ll call you! Only human of course ha ha!

I’m rattled at the moment but I am so grateful to my real friends for being there whether it’s off or online!