Well I didn’t do my second Monday blog because I was in London staying with my son and visiting friends for a few days.

Before I left, on Saturday night I went to an acoustic, benefit gig for a sick woman who’s raising money for treatment that’s not available on the NHS. Apart from the fact I got absolutely drenched walking to the venue (I literally had to wring my trousers out!) it was a fun night out.

Hotwells Howlers

David Mowatt and Anders Olinder

Tim Caswell and Co

After the gig, a friend I’d met last year at a festival came back to my place for the night so we chatted and played guitar into the early hours.

Sunday morning, I drove to London to spend time with my son before I go off to Africa next week. In the evening he’d organised a dinner party of loads of his mates – he lives in a big warehouse and sitting round the table were young people from Poland, Venezuela, Cuba, Columbia, Hungary, South Africa, France, Italy, Australia………plus of course a couple of Brits! That’s what I adore about London – the diversity is wonderful. Mostly they’re artists, photographers, musicians and creative people in general and we had a really interesting evening – very Bohemian I guess you’d call it.

On Monday we went to the Tate Modern and I managed to get a few pictures though you’re not supposed to take them.

The amazing Juan Munoz

The “Crack” in the Turbine Hall

It’s a mystery how they’ve done this crack – I don’t know if it’s art or not but it IS fascinating though lot of people have broken their ankles in it!

Dan in the Tate Cafe

Looking Across the Thames to St Pauls Cathedral

On Monday night, we went to the launch of a new small venue in Tottenham – these gorgeous girls were the welcome party! It was also a planning session for a local carnival and my son and pals are going to take a float for the parade.

Salsa Cubana

My son flew off to Amsterdam on Tuesday morning to see his girlfriend and I went to spend a few hours with a really old friend of mine and then drove back to Bristol in time for drumming and the Presence Open no mic night!



Today, I’ve been at songwriting group and tonight I have a practice. Tomorrow I’ll concentrate on making sure I’ve got everything I need to take to the Gambia – they need various things for the project I’m going to be working at and it’s important to take the right first aid stuff etc.

Anyway —————– that was a monster post so expect nothing more for a little while!!

Hope you’re all well. xx