About 3 months ago I bought a VW Golf car second hand. It was in tip top condition – no bits missing. After a week or two I noticed that some pigdog had stolen one of the hub caps. A minor thing but annoying.

A couple of days ago, unbeknown to me, P found a VW Hubcap lying on the side of the road near where he lives. Aha thinks he – I’ll have that and put it on Chandra’s car this weekend when she comes down.

Today, I went off to a drum workshop near here and P thought it the perfect moment to surprise me and put the hubcap on while I was away.

He came to pick me up in his car from the workshop. When we went out to the carpark – guess what? Yes – you’ve guessed it – someone had nicked one of his hubcaps! He couldn’t believe it but didn’t tell me why.

When we got back – he showed me my car with its hubcap fully restored only a couple of hours ago!

Weird or what??? Now – I must look out for a Peugeot hubcap!