Hi guys – I’m in an internet cafe in Fajaro – a biggish town in the Gambia where we came to pick up a visa for a friend visiting the UK in March.

We’ve started preparations for the Kartong Festival which runs from the 26th to 29th March inclusive and will have music, drumming, dance, cultural activities, wrestling and more! We’ve been working with the local school to get the children involved and a UK musician will be working with a local teacher to write a song with the children to perform at the festival about Kartong. Other children who are not singing will make costumes for the performers to wear.

Everything here takes at least three times longer to achieve and you have to be very patient – it’s hot and a tremendous lack of resources but people are enthusiastic although there is also sometimes jealousy if people think some are benefiting and they aren’t! All par for the course and it will all smooth out in the end (hopefully!)

We are staying in a very lovely lodge with a friend and eating well. It’s wonderfully hot and sunny and we are quite near the beach though haven’t had time to go there really!

I’ll try and upload a photo of the local town.