Another quick update. We’ve just returned yesterday from a four-day trip to Senegal sussing out another festival to see how they do things there and what we can learn from them.

The journey there was over quite rough terrain and untarmacced roads so very hot and dusty but great fun! We spent four nights at a friend’s compound in the outskirts of Abene, about half an hour from Kafountine.

The festival at Kafountine was really lively and we saw some good traditional African bands. I’m putting some photos up on my Facebook if there’s enough bandwidth.

We’re now starting to organise the festival at Kartong properly and have a meeting on Sunday with the members of the local Festival Committee and are starting to make contact with artists etc.

Last night we spent at Safari Gardens a small hotel with a hot shower (what a luxury!!!) though I don’t mind washing with a bucket of water from the well which is fine too.

So….. that’s it for now. I hope this uploads ok. Bye for now.