My god – thanks goodness one doesn’t have to move home every week. What a load of old rubbish I had in my house as well as precious objects.

I’ve thrown out three enormous bags of clothes to the charity shops, half my books to Amnesty International Bookshop, there’s still piles of crap! Plus you suddenly find letters and cards which take you back to the past with a bang for a quick trip down memory lane before adding it to the pile of junk.

I thought my house was quite clean till I looked behind cupboards and chests of drawers – yuk!

I’m so tired I could drop dead and the thought of unpacking it all at the other end doesn’t appeal much either.

Ha ha – I sound really fed up but the truth is I’m very excited about starting a new phase of my life with my lovely man in a beautiful place in the countryside of Oxfordshire.

I’ll still have a small place in Bristol, so I won’t lose touch with my family, friends and musicians here.

I hope to have internet when we move on Tuesday but there could be a delay.

My Life in Boxes!