Yesterday I had the closest shave I think I’ve ever had with death.

I was driving in Bristol when a huge lorry intruded into my lane and clipped the back of my Golf on a roundabout slewing me round in front of his cab which then made contact with the whole driver side of my car and carried me sideways up the road while he started braking. I could actually feel the pressure of the lorry on the door as the momentum pinned me onto that side of the car and I felt the car starting to tip over but somehow it didn’t and he managed to stop. I had to climb out the passenger side as the lorry was up against the driver side and the doors couldn’t open. Miraculously I was very shaken but uninjured!

The police came and said it was his fault (well I KNEW that) but he didn’t deny it and admitted he hadn’t seen me at all but “felt” something on the blind side of his lorry. Someone called an ambulance but they just told me to go home and rest.  These huge lorries are a menace on town streets but I suppose they’re just doing their job.

Thankfully he wasn’t speeding and after we’d stopped he told me that if it had happened the day before it would have taken longer to stop as the truck had 40 tons load the previous day but happened to be empty when we collided.

I was shaking like a leaf and couldn’t sleep very well last night but apart from a few aches and pains I feel fine today – though I keep flashing back to looking up at that huge lorry thinking my moment had come – it was a very weird feeling of disappointment that it was all going to end like that without being able to tell anyone I’d finally found some tenants for my house!

Weird, you’d think I’d have thought of something a bit more important for a last thought!

The car’s pretty mashed up on that side of course and the insurance have provided me with a courtesy car already which is pretty impressive. Anyway – that was my day yesterday – it’ll take a while to get over it I think but I’m counting all my blessings that I’m still here at all.