Well dear friends – life is feeling better again – apart from an achey shoulder and a bit of the jitters, I’m more over the accident now. The insurance have made an offer and I have a courtesy car for now. My car is completely written off.

We’ve just had a couple of days in London. P was working on a barge at Battersea and I spent time whizzing up and down the Thames on the Clipper Ferry as the tubes were on strike. This was a great way to see London. On the second day, I went to the Globe by the Tate Modern and accidentally managed to go and see Romeo and Juliet! I hadn’t planned it but they had tickets due to people not being able to get there due to the strike – here’s a link to loads of lovely photos from London on Facebook.

The London Eye


Today we had a drumming workshop near Birmingham and on the way back we popped into Leamington Peace Festival and saw Rory McLeod playing – brilliant.

P’s working on a barge on the Burgundy Canal all of this coming week so I’m going along for the ride – hope to get some good pictures of that too.

Thanks for all your lovely messages of support about the accident – it really was wonderful knowing how many people out there in the virtual world do care!

Bye for now.