Ok – so I’ve decided that I’ll only blog here from now on. It seems stable, easy to use and very much the old friendly feel of Efx and I’m fed up with constantly cutting and pasting. I’ll not delete Efx2 or Vox so they’ll be there if I need them but I’ll only be here for the near future so do subscribe to this one if you haven’t and you want to keep track (click the orange RSS icon top right).

I’ve just got back after a few days in Bristol going to my best friend’s birthday party. I played a set with Paddy there and there was a good Latin band afterwards with dancing in the garden – miraculously the weather stayed very warm and pleasant – it’s been raining nearly incessantly in recent weeks.

This week we’re going to be working on a friend’s African goods stall at Cropredy Festival – mainly folk music I think – then going to a wedding on Saturday.

Then next week we’re off to Bristol with the vans to prepare for ABC – African Beats Camp which we’re helping to organise. I’m really looking forward to it though it’ll be hard work as we’ll be crewing – it’ll be at least 10 days on the road so should be fun.

OK….so, looking forward to concentrating on this blog only.