Just back from a great couple of days with the van at Halesowen – just south of Birmingham. We went to play drums for their evening party and we had an all day workshop at the same venue beforehand.

We had the same teachers we’d had at  ABC so it was brilliant.

Nigel and Sue Silver Wedding

The evening party was great -though unusually for me – I got very sloshed. Everyone let their hair down and danced their socks off to a load of 80’s music after our drumming and a live band.

The only hitch was my van got stuck in the mud getting out and luckily, just when I thought we’d have to get towed, I managed to get her out somehow.

P’s just gone off to London working till Friday and I’m going to use the time to finally set up my music studio here which I still haven’t done since moving in May! I hope I’ll feel inspired to write some new songs and get recording again!