I’m not sure what to write today – I seem to have got out of the habit of regular blogging for a while and then when I do it’s not really about my feelings as such but about what I’ve been doing, where I’ve been and some nice photos!

Nothing wrong with that of course and I’ve been to some beautiful places and done loads of wonderful things this year.

In fact I’m just back from nearly a week in France on a dutch barge while P was doing some work on the engine I just mainly lazed about and enjoyed the water and the views, good food, good company and card playing. Without wishing to boast – I did keep winning ha ha.


I’m now spending a few days in Bristol catching up with friends.

My problem is that I seem to have lost my musical inspiration at the moment – it’s a year since I wrote a decent song and where we live now I don’t know any local musicians to get together and play with. I know this will change and that it takes time but my confidence (musically) is seeping away a bit at the moment. I find it hard to promote my album  – I need someone to help me sell it – it’s hard work trying to promote oneself and very difficult to get anywhere with it.

Anyway – just wanted to get that off my chest – I know I can turn it around and I’m very happy in my day to day life but I don’t want to lose my music mojo – there must be an answer *scratches head*…………..