Well I’ve decided to take some action to try and get my music mojo going again. I know I can’t force anything but I can hopefully help it along and try and re-inspire it at least.

If it means driving to Bristol  a bit more often – well so be it. Tonight I’m going to the open mic I used to go to – it’s its second birthday and there’s a special bash. And I’ve enrolled on a once a week Vocalisation course with someone I know. It’s a freestyling, improvisational fun one evening a week thing for just four weeks.

I’d hoped to find local things here (near Banbury) and who knows, maybe I will – but in the meantime I’ve got to do something creative or I’ll go barmy.

I love my new life out here in the country but I’m finding it harder than I expected to find people to do music with locally so till I do I’ll have to bite the bullet and do some driving!