We got back last night from a couple of days in Nottingham. The first part went really wrong as P was fixing the toilet for his daughter and a plumbing disaster ensued see PLUMBING!!

We attended a great African evening there on Thursday called Africajana organised by a friend of ours and had a briliant night out – I was in good dancing mood so had a real party.

Yesterday there was a series of taster sessions in djembe, sabar drumming and dance, Mandinka song accompanied by Kora etc. Needless to say we did the drumming (surprise, surprise).

Afterwards we went back to P’s daughter to finish off the plumbing to find chaos and the leak much worse but thankfully it was sorted out eventually.

After a quick goodbye to our Nottingham drumming friends I drove the couple of hours back home in time for bed. Tonight we have friends coming round to dinner – should be a quiet Halloween evening.