On the 16th November my gorgeous little grand-daughter had her first birthday – I’ve put some lovely photos up on my Facebook which Facebook friends can see. It’s hard to imagine a whole year has passed since the scary night my daughter had to have an emergency caesarian after hours of labour – she looks fantastic now and is a wonderful mother to a beautiful daughter. Dad is brilliant too – they’ve really taken to parenthood.

This photo is of the sunrise where I live the other morning before some awful weather in our area – but not as bad as the north of the country where there are appalling floods – my heart goes out to the people affected.


Last night I went to the second of the amazing vocalisation/freestyle courses that I’ve started attending in Bristol. It’s amazing – we start off with warm up exercises, then scatting then freestyle lyrics to a looped back beat which we make as part of the course. It’s brilliant for trying to get back to songwriting and great to meet some other musicians and creatives.

I’m in Bristol till tomorrow and have also finished some knitting for my partner and grand-daughter for Christmas and nearly finished scraping the chimney breast where they’re going to put a gas fire and fireplace soon.