I’m just back from a few days in Bristol – we had a lovely time – P came with me to do a few jobs at the flat. While we were there we had to investigate a load of damp in my tenant’s flat downstairs and found that the wall under the bath is absolutely running with water. A vile combination of rising and penetrating damp and condensation. The whole outside render has to come off and be re-done on that outside wall and all the internal plaster has to be hacked off, lined and skimmed before Christmas – could have done without that but it can’t be bodged again this time ha ha!

We’ve had awful news from my family in Australia – one of my dear brother in laws has had a dreadful accident in the garage mucking around on his kids’ bikes and fell on his back. He’s now lying in the spinal unit in Sydney unable to move or feel anything except some slight tingling in his legs – we’re all so upset and worried about him and just praying and hoping things improve. It happened nearly two weeks ago now and there’s virtually no change. Please send healing vibes!

While we were in Bristol we went to The Canteen at Hamilton House and amazing new project/venue in Bristol with art studios, a cheap but brilliant cafe/bar and all sorts of music events and happenings. This week a guy called Mark Boyle who has given up money for a whole year and believes it’s of no use did an event which included a free shop (you just take what you want) – if you want to you can swap things and/or leave things that you don’t want. It was a wonderful atmosphere there with all sorts of stuff there not for sale but just for the taking – even pots and pots of organic chocolote spread just because the lids were missing (the seal was intact).

On Thursday evening I went to my vocalisation/freestylie group again and I’m really enjoying that and have nearly finished a song as  a direct result of attending.

Yesterday – after the “free” event we went to a house party at a friend’s place and today my mum popped round for a coffee. Tonight we’re off to dinner at some local friends’ so all in all a very good weekend.