I’m really fed up at the moment – because there were no decent priced flights to return together from the Gambia we decided to travel back separately – me on the 9th and P on the 21st. Well I got back alright but then the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano did its thing and now he’s stuck out there.

He’s been told he should get on a flight on Monday – that’ll be over 2 weeks apart – which I suppose is nothing really but it’s so quiet where we live that I confess to getting lonely here on my own.

When I lived in Bristol there was always loads of people around and places to go – it’s not the same here though of course it’s very beautiful.

Anyway – I think I’ll go and see my daughter and grand-daughter this weekend if she’s free and then I’ll enjoy the time rather than sit at home festering like an old volcano myself…………….