Hello everyone

Please support African Beats Camp Day by buying your ticket before 8th May. This event is wholly dependent on ticket sales. If we have not sold enough advance tickets by 8th May we will have to cancel!

For only £50 you get:

2 nights camping (Fri 4th june & Sat 5th june) in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside

Friday night:

Jam in the big barn or chill out round the campfire


1 booked workshop of your choice (Djembe, Sabar, Balafon, Sabar dance)

2 open workshops: Singing with Su hart from Baka Beyond and Guinean dance with Hamana Bjemakan.

All day entertainment from some of the world’s best African artists: Seckou Keita, Surahata Suso, Iya Sako, Landing Mane, Nansady Keita, Mockoulo Sawane, Idrissa Camara, Diene Sagna, Batch Gueye….and many more. Plus midnight onwards, dance the night away with top reggae DJs Mr Tobes and Ian Marchant!

Plus Stalls, Bar, African food, cakes, tea , coffee, chai . . . .


Wake up in a lovely field, have a tasty breakfast, then go home feeling like you have had a mini break in West Africa!!! What more could you want!

Or for £45 you get:

1 night (Sat) camping in a beautiful setting, 1 booked workshop, 2 open workshops and all day and night entertainment (as above)!

Or for £30 you get:

1 night (Sat) camping in a beautiful setting, 2 open workshops and all day entertainment.Perfect for partners, friends and relatives to sample a bit of West African culture!

Or for £18 you get:

1 night (Sat) camping in a beautiful setting, evening entertainment from 6.30 onwards. Bring partners, friends and relatives to see performances from the best West African musicians, all under one roof!

African Beats Camp 2009 was a fantastic 5 day drum and dance camp. We would love to be able to run another 5 day event in 2011, but we can only do this if you come and support African Beats Camp 2010! BUY YOUR TICKET NOW AND SECURE A FUTURE FOR AFRICAN BEATS CAMPS!!!

Check out our website to see more and buy your ticket! http://www.hartbeats.co.uk/abc