I’m sitting on the boat where we’re staying in Poplar Dock in London for a few days. We’re in town for a week of sabar drumming evening classes with our teacher Modou Diouf from Senegal.

London is very sunny and hot and I hope it stays nice as we’re off family camping in Wales on the weekend.

We had a great time in Bristol the other weekend, went to a gig, a mini-festival and the Bristol Refugee Day in the park with some lively African bands and other performers from countries where people find themselves persecuted in various ways – we are very lucky here to have such relative freedoms.

We’ve also been watching the abysmal England World Cup matches – let’s say no more about that – it’s too depressing! Let’s hope tomorrow’s match is better –  it couldn’t really be worse – unless you are North Korea of course!

Anyway – got to go now – sorry it’s been so long – I’ll be back!

Here’s a picture of a band which was singing about the problems the indigeonous people from the West Papuan Islands suffer.