Where to start? I suppose chronological order would be best in which case number one is Sabar Tickle which took place over the August Bank Holiday weekend. This was four days of sabar drumming at a great campsite near Birmingham with some great teachers and good company. I learnt a lot and enjoyed watching the dancers.

The highlight has to be the amazing womens’ wrestling match that took place between “Sabartage” Sophie and Laura “The Snake”. This was done Senegalese stlylie with the victor having to get their opponent on their back on the floor by strength alone for 3 seconds – best of three rounds. I was on the side of Sophie and there are a load of photos on Facebook. Here’s one of them.

After only a couple of days home we set off in the van again for Bunkfest which takes place in Wallingford, Oxfordshire a pleasant little town. There was a good mix of music, traditional dancing and crafts. We were helping our friend Andrew with his stall Goodies From The Gambia which was great fun. No wrestling to report but some belly dancing on the green!

I did a spontaneous flute performance with a guy playing a Hang Drum on the Friday night, which was an unexpected pleasure.

When I got back I found an email letting us know that Vox is closing so I’ve backed all my old posts up to the new Typepad service but would prefer to just keep this one going now with a link on Efx2 rather than build a readership there.