Funnily enough the demise of Vox has made me re-appreciate Efx3. I noticed today that some of the links to blogs etc are working better so don’t know if someone’s been fixing things behind the scenes or whether this new theme I’ve chosen works better than the older one.

It’s always good to have a sort out and I’ve got rid of a load of old links that were out of date and generally improved the look of my page. I’ve got very slack recently about blogging.

I made a new friend recently at Bunkfest who’s a keen blogger and it reminded me that I’ve somewhat lost the plot and got lazy about writing. I partly blame Facebook as it’s so quick and easy there to just update your status rather than write anything meaningful.

Today we had a great planning session for ABC 2011 (African Beats Camp) and I’m so excited about it. The meeting went on for hours as there was so much to talk about but suddenly May 2011 doesn’t seem so far away for all the work that needs to be done to make it successful again. Last year we were only able to have a one day event but next year will be a whole long weekend of drumming, dance and singing workshops all West African with great entertainment in the evenings.


This weekend we’re off to the End of The Road Festival at Larmer Tree in Dorset with my daughter and family and it marks the last “proper” festival of the season. We’re not working at this one but going as paying punters just to enjoy ourselves. Will try and get lots of decent photos.

OK – so with my blogging mojo firing again I look forward to writing again next week. I hope that the Efx3 vibe will revive and people come back and start interacting a bit more now that Vox is gone let’s use it as an opportunity to make this place stronger.