I’ve had a great couple of weeks since I last posted.

Peter had a job doing some engineering work on a live-on barge and I was invited along to join the trip. We had to move the barge from Nemour just south of Paris to Auxerre, its winter mooring. Pete does the work at the various stops and I just enjoy the ride, help out a bit on board, get to do a bit of steering and generally lounge about. In the evening we ate delicious food cooked by the owners and played cards, drank wine and one night went out for a meal at Joigny.

I’d had a horrible chest infection coming on which exacerbates my asthma so I was feeling pretty ropey at the start of the trip but a few days of having to do very little and fresh air has really sorted me out and I feel almost fully recovered now – though the asthma is a constant nuisance it’s tons better than before the trip.

We broke the outward journey at my daughter’s in Whitstable which was just lovely then took the early morning Norfolk Line ferry from Dover to Dunkerque. We went from the Loigne, to the Seine to the Yonne in four or five days staying at lovely overnight moorings en route. It was crisp and cold in the mornings but sunny and almost warm in the day. Here’s a link to loads of photos if you’re interested!

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