How fast the years fly by the older you get…why is that I wonder?

Anyway – this year’s shaping up to be a brilliant one and I have some really clear goals and hopes for it. Let’s see at the end of the year if I managed to actually achieve some of them! I find starting out and visualising a successful year makes a massive difference even if it doesn’t always work out exactly the way I plan.

Continue to write every morning – ongoing
Continue regular blogging/online interactions
Meditate regularly
Continue to enjoy spending regular time with the ever-growing family and friends
Lose half a stone (7lbs)
Complete the two paintings which are half-done (portraits)
Write some new songs
Continue developing sabar drumming/flute
Work at and have a successful Kartong and Dombondir Festivals in Africa (Jan/Feb)
Carry out loft conversion Bristol flat (March/April/May) and manage lettings
Get married (handfasting) May 1st and have lots of lovely time with Peter
Move back to Bristol
Help organise and plan and enjoy African Beats Camp (May)
Start playing regular gigs with Paddy and find a bass player and percussionist
Start recording second album with a view to release at the end of the year or early 2012
Find someone to help me promote my recorded music
Work at various other festival and music events…..

By the autumn be clearer about our general direction in Bristol and be open to next phase!!!

Have you got any hopes and goals for 2011?