Life is getting back to normality again after a very difficult few weeks of illness (Peter and then me), bereavement and finally some unpleasant things that have happened where we live including a frightening late night drama needing the police which I can’t write about here due to privacy of someone concerned!!

I’m in Bristol for a few days after having had a brilliant weekend drumming in Birmingham and I’m also going to go to Manchester for the weekend by train on a family visit which will hopefully be a chance for us all to talk about some of the things that have been happening.

Thankfully for Peter and me personally things are going well and we are very excited and looking forward to our big day on May 1st then moving back to Bristol and a great summer in prospect of festivals, workshops and musical happenings and hopefully starting recording at last.

So – I think everything’s back on track again – fingers crossed that we’ve had our share of trauma for this year and can get on with our lives again.