Well I’m sorry it’s been so very long since I blogged but we’ve been frantically busy getting ready for our imminent Handfasting Ceremony on May 1st. We’re having a very “Unroyal” Wedding and we’re praying for decent weather as it’s an outdoor event!

Handfasting’s use similar language to a traditional wedding but you can pretty much devise your own ceremony and what you want to say to each other. They are not recognised in the law in England but are an equally deep commitment in that you make promises to each other with witnesses which are bound by the symbolic “tieing of the knot” around the wrists and exchanging of rings. If we want to “legalise” it one day we’d have to do a civil ceremony and may do that when we visit Australia to see my sisters.

It’s very exciting and we’re both looking forward to it very much – we’re also in the middle of helping to organise various other festivals and events as usual this summer and our planned move back to Bristol in August. Happy days.