Well – I’m a bit fed up with blogging at the moment. I must say I’ve felt less inspired to write and the lazy way of just updating my status and saying hi to people on Facebook seems an easy option.

Also when actually getting married only got 2 comments here it makes one wonder if it’s worth carrying on with it. On the other hand I must remember that I’m not blogging to get comments, attention or praise but for myself really. To keep a record, reflect on things as well as letting poeple far away know I’m well and what I’m up to.

The last few weeks have been busy but fun. After the wedding we had a short and relaxing honeymoon in Suffolk then helped organise the amazing ABC (African Beats Camp) in Buckingham. We then had a couple of days on the Thames before I managed to get down to see my daughter in Kent. She took me to see the new Turner Gallery at Margate which was brilliant (though the locals don’t seem to like it much).

This weekend we’re off to Cornwall supporting a sabar drumming workshop and on Monday for the first time we’re going to visit the Eden Project which I’m really looking forward to!

It’s not long now till the move back to Bristol and I’m really looking forward to picking up my music activities there again and catching up with close friends and family.

Anyway – this is a rambling post but at least I’ve written something!!!