I’ve just had to update my MacbookPro as it was operating on the old 10.4 and loads of things wouldn’t run on it any more. Plus the computer was full of loads of surplus files and running slow. Not to mention the keyboard was sticking and the space bar broken. So for a very reasonable price it’s now got a spanking new OS, a new keyboard and all working like lightning.

It was scarey having to back up everything, especially precious photos and wipe it all out and what a pain re-installing everything, all the plug ins, files, add ons etc and applications. Still, now it’s a million times better and like in real life it’s good to have a grand old clear out of unwanted crap at the same time.

Hopefully it’ll give me another few years of faultless service – I love my Mac. I’ve had it since 2006 without a single glitch or crash and with this upgrade being so inexpensive it means it’s been fantastic value for money.

I’m really enjoying being back in the studio and being in Bristol – getting right back into a creative phase again.