It’s just so brilliant being back in Bristol – in just a few months my music mojo is firing on all cylinders and I’m feeling inspired.

I’m back out playing the open mics, did a great one tonight, I’ve got a proper gig next Monday playing a full set with my keyboard player and various other musicians.

Today in the studio a friend of mine who’s a really great percussionist recorded bodran and spoons on one of my new tracks and the album’s coming along wonderfully.

Tomorrow I’m playing flute with a hang drum player at a closing ceremony of a community organisation and next week I’m playing a couple of songs in a community church for a Christmas event (non-religious).

What a transition from rattling round the house when I was living in the countryside. I just love being back in the city – so inspiring being around so many great musicians and poets!

Anyway – just wanted to share all this positive energy with you!