We’ve had such a lovely Christmas this year. My dear daughter, husband and grand-daughter came to stay as did one of my nephews.

Little L is now 3 year’s old and it was the first Christmas that she really understood more about all the family gathering together to share Chrismas time, food and presents. Even though my son couldn’t be here as he’s currently in India, he Skyped so we were able to see him and chat with him through the wonder of modern technology. My mum and her partner came for the day as well and we had a wonderful time. On Boxing Day, we had a small evening Open House with neighbours and friends and that was really fun too – especially as a couple of friends came who I hadn’t seen in many years.

Everyone’s left now and the house seems very quiet and peaceful after all the energy of the last few days so I shall savour my own space now.

I’m so happy to be back in my own home again looking forward to an exciting 2012.