Had a really good family Christmas this year (I should say last year now shouldn’t I?). The only down side was that I managed to fall down the stairs on December the 19th and really sprain my right knee.

It was all due to a mad magpie that is intent on killing itself throwing itself repeatedly at my kitchen window. I presume he sees his reflection and thinks he’s his own rival then keeps coming back to check he’s frightened himself off! I was rushing around like you do at Christmas time – I’d stripped beds ready to re-make for people coming to stay and chucked the washing down the stairs rather than take it down. Suddenly I heard that pesky magpie banging the downstairs window – I rushed down to shoo him off, forgot the washing, caught my foot in the sheets and there you have it – a horrible accident. My knee twisted right under me and I felt something inside go ‘twang’ and here I am nearly 3 weeks on hobbling around like an old lady. It is improving now thankfully with the help of a good chiropracter.

Apart from that, what a lovely time we had. My daughter and her little girl came to stay for the best part of a week, my son joined us for a few days then P’s family and children came for the weekend after Christmas. We had a great time playing with the children with a fantastic toy called Geomag – we built the Eifel tower together and ate lovely food!

Christmas Lunch At Home

Building The Eifel Tower!

We had a quiet new year with neighbours over the road and generally relaxed.

This year (can’t believe it’s 2013 already) I’ll release and launch my second album which is nearly finished, we’re planning a trip to Russia and Ukraine in July to visit P’s newly found family, legalise our marriage on May 1st at the registry office (in private as we’ve already done our wonderful handfasting ceremony), various drumming things planned as usual and hopefully a first trip to Oz for P in the autumn or spring next year.

I need to overcome my musical lethargy – I haven’t written a new song in ages but it seems to be something that can’t be forced and at least I’m practicing and recording the old songs and getting tracks recorded that weren’t on the first album!

Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends and readers.