We had a lovely time last Monday at our last Electrsonica gig. Paddy played a set (I played flute on his third song), then I played three of my own songs with him on keyboard/flute.

The other artists the rest of the evening were brilliant and the videos of all our performances are at the link below.


On other things, my knee is still bad but slowly improving. I had an MRI scan which shows extensive tearing to my medial collatoral ligament so am now doing painful rehab exercises. The physio has said it could be another two m0nths before I can go back to tennis! What  a drag.

At home we have extensive work going on converting two small bedrooms into one lovely big room with a shower room in the corner. Will be brilliant when finished but noisy and dusty in the meantime.

Going back to Peter’s amazing story of finding his family in Russia and Ukraine, we got the sad news yesterday that his Uncle Peter died a couple of days ago, so he didn’t quite make 90. We are so pleased though that he had the chance to meet Peter and his brother before he died – both for them and him this was an amazing experience. Sad that the rest of the family didn’t meet him but at least we’re all in touch now with younger members of the family too.