So much has happened that I don’t even know where to start. I think I’ll have to leave out most of the last couple of months. It’s been sad times with the loss of dear friends’ son and various other things.

Now getting on with life again. I’m playing with two percussion groups and tonight we have a gig in Bristol. I’ve been giving my own music a bit of a rest after all the hype and hard work of launching the second album!

Peter and I had a lovely anniversary in Wales – we went to Cardigan for a couple of nights and went to a beautiful concert there of Seckou Keita with Catrin Finch – really wonderful. I also had a weekend in Barcelona seeing Prem Rawat speak and sight-seeing and yesterday I went with my mum to see the Matthew Bourne Swan Lake in Bristol which was stunning!

We’re working hard on an Arts Council bid for funding for a sabar drumming project in Gambia and UK and also fundraising for the 10th Anniversary Kartong Festival in February 2015. More of that in a future post!

So…..this is just a quick post so you know I’m still around – will post some photos and other news soon.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying life too!