Hello all – sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated here. We’ve had a great summer with lots of drumming and music and travelling around in our camper van.

We’ve successfully raised £1000 for Kartong 10th anniversary though we’ve had to postpone the big celebrations in Gambia till 2016 because of fears about Ebola although a festival will still go ahead in February 2015.

We’ve just had fun doing our ICC certificates for boathandling and our VHS radio courses so that we are better qualified for moving barges about and know what to do if there was any kind of emergency!

The grandchildren are well and we are happy. I’m hoping to help run a Peace Education Programme in Bristol over the winter and also have a music gig on Dec 17th at Halo Bar if you’re in Bristol come and say hi.

I really do miss the interaction that used to happen here though most people are at FB it’s not really the same.

Anyway – see you again soon.