Well I can’t say I’ve got anything spectacular to say but I’m determined to get back into blogging again. It helps me remember my own life when I look back on it ha ha! I probably won’t write much about my private life as I don’t like to break confidences about my family and friends.

This evening I have a practice with my little band comprising Paddy on the keys and Jimi on percussion – both excellent musicians in their own right. We have the possibility of putting on a gig soon at a lovely little venue in Bristol called Khan plus a chance to bid to play at the Bath Fringe in May/June. Plus, on my daughter’s suggestion, I’ve started to get back on the open mic circuit to meet other musicians for both inspiration and also to find people to put on at our Electrosonica music nights. I’ll probably re-create a lyrics page here too and some other pages with paintings and photos.

I think the old blog did more for me than I realised, as the more I reflected on my creative life, the more I felt I had to live up to it myself – if that makes any sense. So, if I tell you I’m determined to do some more painting as well – it also reminds me to get on with and not just think about it. While I was in London my son gave me the most lovely, dinky watercolour set of paints that you can carry around in your bag and sketch or paint something whenever the mood takes you and it inspired me to do a couple of quick pictures – one of them is a small painting of my son with his clown red nose on and I really enjoyed doing it as it didn’t involve a pencil at all – just brush strokes which was a first for me! This in turn inspired me to get back to work on a portrait of a friend of Peter’s that I haven’t touched in months.


I’ve also got myself a new camera – a Canon SX40HS, second hand but really brilliant and I absolutely love taking photographs and hope to put the best ones here. Anyway – there’s a lot going on at the moment and rather than just a sentence on Facebook I’m going to blog – mostly for myself but if you enjoy reading it too, well that’s great! Do let me know if you’re blogging somewhere too and I’ll come and read your posts. I miss the old Modblog days but actually, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t get that community feeling going again with a bit of effort on all our parts. Many of us are still online friends and some of us have also met in the “real” world too – so that’s my take on it anyway.