Here in Bristol I’ve been following the saga of the Stapleton Allotments and Feed Bristol’s fight to save a tranche of land that’s been earmarked to plough a bus lane right through the middle. The project hosts an amazing food project which grows fresh produce on the excellent soil there and also there are many private allotments as well that people have had for years. Although Bristol City Council are going to create new allotments and plant some trees you can’t replace the quality that will be lost. It’s true we need a better bus system but why not slightly re-route it. Anyway here’s a broadcast from some of the people who’ve been living in the trees in the cold weather to try and protect our “green capital”.

In other news I’m thrilled that we’ve landed a terrific gig in Bath as part of the Bath Fringe festival – my group are going to play a full set then we’re going to put on a fabulous flamenco act which is fronted by a brilliant young guy with a sensational voice. More when it’s properly confirmed.

I’m dealing with a tricky family situation at the moment as well and not looking forward to having to break sad news to a loved one.

See you soon.