Dear lovely friends and family – just to let you know that because of the awful situation with the Corona virus we’re not around out and about much out at the moment. I had a bit of a temperature and bug this week which was rather scary (cleared up now) and as Peter and I are both asthmatic and heading for 70 we’ve decided to minimise our socialising to protect ourselves and others. Obviously, unless we were really ill, we’ll still go out shopping and seeing family members but not attending gigs, parties, pubs, restaurants etc for a while. It’s amazing how much can be done online – I had a therapy session on Facetime the other day which although strange at first, actually worked perfectly well. The regular voluntary things I do are suspended for now. It’s so hard to know what will and won’t be able to go ahead – for example we manage our friend Modou’s summer drumming tour and there’s no way of knowing how long this could go on and whether to cancel things or not.
It’s amazing how much can be caught up with at home that’s been put off including piles of paperwork etc. I feel very lucky to be retired to be honest, as obviously loads of people don’t have the luxury of not going to work and school every day and I send my profound thanks to everyone who has to carry on regardless and to those working in essential services. There are various local schemes to help look after elderly neighbours to make sure they have what they need etc. so let’s make sure we look out for them.
So Facetime me, messenger us, write, phone and hopefully this horrible situation will resolve itself in the next few weeks.
Please keep well and only mingle as much as you have to.