Well here we are again in Lockdown in the UK – actually Peter and I never came out of Lockdown – or barely.

I have managed to see my grandchildren a few times from a distance but only very few friends once or twice in the garden since March.

Never mind – we are alive and well and looking forward to hopefully things getting back to some kind of normality in due course.

Hedgehog House and Feeding Station

We’ve kept ourselves busy in the garden with a night camera revealing regular hedgehog visitors so we’ve set up a house and feeding station which in constant night use!

Musically I’m not very inspired so instead of songwriting I’ve been playing a bit of piano. We missed our entire summer tour of drumming but nothing we could do about it.

Anyway, as we go into earlier dark evenings and colder weather I’m going to try and keep going out for daily walks and appreciating nature which has been such a joy this summer.

I hope you and yours keep safe and well during these difficult times.