Hunkering Down For A While

Dear lovely friends and family – just to let you know that because of the awful situation with the Corona virus we’re not around out and about much out at the moment. I had a bit of a temperature and bug this week which was rather scary (cleared up now) and as Peter and I are both asthmatic and heading for 70 we’ve decided to minimise our socialising to protect ourselves and others. Obviously, unless we were really ill, we’ll still go out shopping and seeing family members but not attending gigs, parties, pubs, restaurants etc for a while. It’s amazing how much can be done online – I had a therapy session on Facetime the other day which although strange at first, actually worked perfectly well. The regular voluntary things I do are suspended for now. It’s so hard to know what will and won’t be able to go ahead – for example we manage our friend Modou’s summer drumming tour and there’s no way of knowing how long this could go on and whether to cancel things or not.
It’s amazing how much can be caught up with at home that’s been put off including piles of paperwork etc. I feel very lucky to be retired to be honest, as obviously loads of people don’t have the luxury of not going to work and school every day and I send my profound thanks to everyone who has to carry on regardless and to those working in essential services. There are various local schemes to help look after elderly neighbours to make sure they have what they need etc. so let’s make sure we look out for them.
So Facetime me, messenger us, write, phone and hopefully this horrible situation will resolve itself in the next few weeks.
Please keep well and only mingle as much as you have to.

Time To Move On

Just to update everyone – the reason I had to cancel my gig in December was because my mother suddenly fell ill and sadly passed away on Dec 7th. With Christmas and New Year and a funeral to arrange for obvious reasons I couldn’t do my gig.

Now it’s time to move on and get on with life so watch this space for a new date hopefully in March or April.


Cancelled – Pre-Xmas Gig Tue Dec 17th – Bristol!

Due to unexpected family circumstances we’ve had to cancel this gig. Will postpone it till Feb/Mar 2020 – Chandra


Hi everyone – I’m looking forward to playing with Chandra Moon Trio on Tuesday December 17th at The Khan, 6 Cotham Hill, Bristol, BS6 6LF at 8pm.

After we’ve played our set, the wonderful Flamenco Loco will perform their fantastic music accompanied by a professional Flamenco dancer!

Yummy food available in the Falafel King upstairs and a well-stocked bar in the venue.

£7 on the door or £5 online (+45bf)

Ticket Link!

Autumn time…..

It’s been a while since I posted here for various reasons! We had a good gig at The Hatchet Inn recently and are planning a pre-Christmas gig at The Khan with the Flamenco crew hopefully!

I’ve been busy helping my mum move to some supported living and sorting her place out to let – hard work but a good move all round.

My son and girlfriend have a baby due next week so did a whistle stop trip to Devon to see them before the birth. So exciting and wonderful to welcome a new grandchild into the world – will be the eighth between me and Peter and my second!

We’re off in the camper for a few days this week to Wales to celebrate a quiet birthday and a rest for me.

Am still hoping to record a third album as I have at least ten songs ready to start recording – so watch this space.

Mum and Lu at her new home!

Next Gig – Dark and Light, Bristol Sep 14th

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars………..”

Featuring Maaike Siegerist, Chandra Moon, Mark Darkside, Suzanne Stewart and more!

You are invited to an afternoon of light-hearted and more serious musical performances by local song-writing collective Act of Faith whose name was inspired by a quote from Bono saying “Song-writing is an Act of Faith”. Come prepared to laugh and cry!

In no particular order!
MARK DARKSIDE – singer/songwriter/keyboardist. Performing his own songs on this day, but also has Elton John tribute band plus drag act as Marcia D’Arc.
CHANDRA MOON – singer-song-writer accompanied by Paddy Uglow on the keys, Chandra has produced two highly acclaimed albums and facilitates occasional songwriting workshops for women in Bristol.
MAAIKE SIEGERIST – jazz and “dark” folk singer/songwriter/guitarist, winner of Glastonbury FM song-writing competition, with JONNI SLATER on keyboards.
SUZANNE STEWART – compere/lyricist/drummer.

In the Hatchet Pub Function Room
Saturday 14th September 2019, 2-4 p.m.



Chandra Moon Trio + Flamenco Loco – Bristol March 13th!

Long-awaited chance to hear Chandra Moon Trio play a set of original songs followed by a set from the thrilling Flamenco Loco accompanied by Aneta Skut dancing. Only £5.50 (inc booking fee) online or £7 on the door. TICKETS

The Khan is a lovely venue with a very reasonably priced falafel restaurant upstairs and a well stocked bar.

This is always a really enjoyable and fun evening – a great chance to catch up with friends and listen to some wonderful music!

khan flier mar 2019

The Art Of Songwriting event Bristol Oct 20th

I’m looking forward to performing a short set at this free event at The Hatchet Inn on the afternoon of October 20th in Bristol. The event is part of the Bristol Festival of Literature and it’s the first time they’ve included songwriting so I’m very excited to have been asked to play and be part of the question and answer session at the end of the performances.

The Art Of Songwriting


Sabar Drumming etc

Sorry as usual it’s been so long since I posted a blog here!

I have had a very difficult year having lost a very close and dear friend and various other things. At last, I’m feeling more like my old self.

We are currently in the middle of our usual Sabar Drumming tour with our teacher Modou Diouf. If you’re interested in seeing about that you can find us at Sabar Drumming Uk.

We’ve been doing workshops and performances around the UK. Here’s a photo from Suffolk where we were recently.



I’m doing a gig in my own right on October 20th and hope to start getting back into my own songwriting soon!

Sorry for long gap in posting!

Well it’s been ages – I’m so hopeless at blogging nowadays it seems Facebook has taken over which is very lazy to just post short updates.

We’re looking forward to our usual summer of sabar drumming and touring with Modou Diouf in the UK plus a few festivals in our camper van.

I’ve been playing my guitar but not written anything new recently due to various issues but I hope to get going again soon!

I recently got that awful Aussie flu and it laid me low for nearly three weeks but I’m finally getting over it now!