Phew – well I survived some grocery shopping today! This morning I went to a wonderful shop we have here in Bristol called the Sweet Mart. It’s an Asian shop which (as the name implies) started life as an Indian sweet shop but now sells just about everything exotic you can imagine – plantains, fresh spices, popadums, organic vegetables and bread, sauces from everywhere in the world, weird and wonderful juices, sacks of every kind of rice, beans and lentils. The very smell of the shop makes my mouth water!

I then braved the queues in Tesco (shudder) and bought the other stuff like beers, wines etc, boring things like toilet paper blah blah.

It took an hour to get out with the huge queues of people with achingly full trolleys – anyone would think we were stocking up for the end of the world not a few days’ holiday. Mind you, it was the same for me as I have a house full of people arriving starting tomorrow till nearly New Year so of course much food etc IS required.

I bought all sorts of naughty yummy things I don’t usually buy like cream, and cakes, and bikkies, and cakes, and puddings mmmmmm cakes!

Tonight I’m supposed to be going to an open mic night but guess what folks – f**k it – I’m going to open one of the bottles I bought, tuck into some goodies and enjoy my last quiet evening in for some time!

*cheers folks*