Well….where to start! Yesterday was a very busy day, some of it too boring to bother writing about here, such as meeting a builder re the windows and a work meeting – but the evening was great. I had my first proper rehearsal with the other musicians who will play with me at the album launch gig on Feb 1st and it went pretty well! I really enjoyed it and feel that it will sound pretty good by the 1st!

Today, I played tennis for the first time this year in the “bubble”, had lunch with my mum, then went to the gig venue with R who is going to do the visuals at the gig. Basically she has designed a slide show to go with each track comprising still shots and movie clips which sync up with the music. We met up with the sound man for the night to discuss the stage set up and change overs, how the visuals will work with the tracks and the sound checks etc for the various performers. We also had a look round at the venue to think about how we’ll decorate the place to make it look good on the night. Then I went to a local hotel to book some rooms for people who are travelling far to come to the gig.

Unbelievably, the weather was terrible today with driving rain, wind and snow leading to local flooding and all sorts of ghastliness – at one point I was driving through a semi-blizzard virtually unheard of here.

This evening, I met up with some old friends for a drink, watched a bit of TV and am going to try and have an early night!

Tomorrow I have various chores to do, various people to contact and in the evening I’m having dinner with some friends I haven’t seen for years!

Hope you have a good weekend whatever you’re doing. x