Well living in safe old England I didn’t think I’d be reporting on an earthquake today!!

Last night I got back from the Miners Arms open no mic and had a quick catch up on line of various things. It was quite late, sometime after 1am and I was lazily lying on my sofa in my study with my Mac. I was kind of drifty awake/asleep when the whole sofa started vibrating and I thought that maybe the neighbours were shifting furniture or something. But it went on for quite a long time and there was no noise associated. I jolted properly awake and thought I was going a bit mad because we don’t have earthquakes here!!

Anyway – once it was finished I started wondering if I’d imagined the whole thing then I saw on Wozza’s Facebook that he too had felt it in LONDON!

I went to bed and this morning on the news it was confirmed that we’d had the strongest earthquake for years reported all over the country with the epicentre in Lincoln – phew – I’m not going mad after all. I wish I was though – I don’t like the idea of earthquakes over 5.2 on the Richter Scale!!!