Where to start – I haven’t got much time to try and scratch the surface of the last few weeks!

The Kartong Festival went off well though was tremendously hard work. The following week we assisted with a festival at a tiny village in the Casamance Region called Dombondir. We stayed in a simple compound where we were made very welcome. There’s no running water or electricity there so you rely on the well, generators and candles!

It’s a simple lifestyle and the people are very hospitable indeed. The festival was wonderful – my job was to run the bar which gave me a great view of the stage and all the performances – local wrestling, traditional dancing, music and drumming!

We’re grabbing a couple of days in town to do festival accounts and reports then back to Kartong and a few days travelling around as a bit of a holiday.

Here are some photos on Facebook

and some MORE

And some from packing up at the end of Dombondir!

Will it fit?

Only just!!!!!

Bye for now!